DIY or Call for Service?

hvac troubleshooting

Should I call for service?

To save you from the expense of an unnecessary HVAC service call, we’ve listed some typical issues that you may be able to fix yourself before needing a technician.  We also listed problems that need to be handled quickly by a professional.

Thermostat Malfunction

Make sure your thermostat is not filled with dust and debris that could affect its sensitivity (sometimes caused by remodeling).  Ensure that the batteries are fresh and check the program on the thermostat.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If your furnace or A/C suddenly shuts off, it could be a tripped breaker.  If you see a breaker in the opposite direction, push it to the other direction to see if power resumes.  If not, then give us a call!

Leaky Ductwork

This can cause temperatures higher or lower than normal.  Resealing your ductwork is a job for your professional to ensure that there is no air escaping.  This should be done quickly to avoid soaring electric bills.

Extinguished Pilot Light

A gas furnace will not work unless the pilot light is lit.  It should be visible near the bottom of your furnace.  A pilot light can be easily relit using the fireplace matches or a gas grill lighter.

Blower Running Continuously

Usually, this problem results from a stuck limit switch.  If the blower will not stop running and the limit switch is in the on position, switch it to the auto position or the off position.  If it’s already in one of these positions, call your service technician.

Clogged Air Filter

A badly clogged air filter can lessen the force of air that reaches your rooms.  In new equipment, the filters are typically located behind a slim metal panel that contains an air filter indicator near its surface.  If you have any questions where your filters are located, call us.  A clean filter lessens the load on your furnace and cuts down on dust and allergens in your home.